How to Spend BTC

Bitcoins or BTCs are slowly becoming popular among online casinos. There are quite a few online casinos today – some of them from established brands – that accept them. And there are also casino that accept and make payments only in BTCs – the Bitcoin-only casinos.

When it comes to using BTCs at an online casino the concept is the same: you pay into your account and withdraw from your account. The only difference is the medium – in regular casinos you use standard currency like Euros, US Dollars, and GBPs, while in Bitcoin casinos you use BTCs, a digital cryptocurrency. So how do you spend your BTCs? On this page we take a look at this aspect of Bitcoin casino gambling.

How to Spend BTCs

When you are at your favorite Bitcoin casino, you are in for a good time not only because of the great games and bonuses available, but also because:

If you are wondering how to spend your BTCs at the online casino you are playing at the method is quite simple.

Spending BTCs works for you also because of a number of other reasons. You do not have to provide too much personal data like banking and financial details. All you give out is your e-mail id and your name for buying casino credits at an online casino. For buying tangible goods you have to give your physical location address along with the e-mail id. For donating to charity just the e-mail id will do.

Once you give the information you are asked to your website shows the data related to the Bitcoin payment information. This includes one or more fields:

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and other relevant details and click the button placed on the screen to confirm the withdrawal. It is as easy as that.

Where to Spend BTCs

Today the online casino industry has slowly come around to accepting BTCs. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of them that accept this new form of currency. However, online casinos are not the only places where you can spend BTCs. Bitcoins are meant for spending on the Internet, so any online business avenue could be a potential place to spend your BTCs. There are a large number of online stores that accept this form of currency. These include, among others:

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