Getting Started at Bitcoin Casinos

Among all the different currencies available for use at online casinos, the latest and most secure is the Bitcoin. Playing at a Bitcoin casino is the same as playing at any other casino. A Bitcoin casino is just your regular online casino; the only difference is that it offers Bitcoins as another payment and withdrawal option. There are online casinos now that accept Bitcoin as currency along with other fiat currency, and then there are also those that accept only Bitcoins.

Knowing the Different Bitcoin Gambling Types

It is not only the online casino that accepts Bitcoins today. There are other online gambling forms that are steadily opening up to accepting Bitcoins from their players, including:

  • Online poker
  • Online lottery
  • Sports betting

Getting Started at a Bitcoin Casino – Get Your Bitcoins First!

To use Bitcoins to place wagers on your favorite online casino game, you must have them in your account. The first step is to obtain a Bitcoin wallet. These wallets are free and easily available online; you can download them to your device or use one directly from a browser. Next, you need to buy the Bitcoins. You can do this using any one of the ways listed below:

  • Visit a Bitcoin exchange: You can buy Bitcoins here with regular currency. Of course, there is an exchange rate.
  • Buy Bitcoins from someone who already has them, a seller: This could be less costly than buying from an exchange. However, you would need to thoroughly scrutinize the seller’s track records to ensure all is okay.
  • Buy at a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace: The good thing about a P2P marketplace is that you do not always have to ‘buy’ Bitcoins. You also have the option of trading goods and services in exchange for Bitcoins.
  • Become a Bitcoin ‘miner’: Mining is another option for acquiring Bitcoins. You could do this by processing Bitcoin transactions and getting as many as 25 Bitcoins per transaction. However, you need specialized hardware for this, so this is not something all can do.

Once you have acquired your Bitcoins, they get deposited in your digital wallet.

Getting Started at a Bitcoin Casino – The First Steps

If you are new to the concept of Bitcoin casino gambling, the first question that will strike you is ‘how does this whole thing work’? It may sound complicated, considering Bitcoin is not money, and money is the one thing we all have used extensively most of our lives for transacting. Here is a small but effective reckoner of how to get started at a Bitcoin casino.

  • Locate a Bitcoin casino first. There are quite a few of them. The ones accepting only Bitcoins may be good options as they may have games that other online casinos have.
  • Sign in or open an account if you are new.
    • Provide all the details about yourself on the form given.
    • Select Bitcoin as the transaction method. That is a clear indicator of how you want to make payments and withdrawals at the casino.
    • Click the Submit button to register your account.
  • Your Bitcoin casino account is ready.

Once you have the Bitcoin casino account and Bitcoins in it, you can start using them for your real money wagers.

  • Choose a suitable Bitcoin payment method for the transaction.
  • Open your digital wallet using the credentials provided.
  • Select the amount of Bitcoins you want to transfer into your casino account.
  • Click the Submit button to complete the transaction.
    • Your Bitcoin casino account is now funded.
  • Choose the game you want to play.
  • Calculate the amount you want to wager and then zero in on the number of Bitcoins you want to wager.
  • Place your wager and you are ready to play.