Casinos that Accept Bitcoin Payments

More and more casinos are coming around to accepting Bitcoins as currency for players to conduct transactions in. There is a lot to know about making payments using Bitcoins. Because Bitcoins are relatively new as currency, finding the casinos that accept this cryptocurrency can be quite a task. On this page we discuss about casinos that accept Bitcoin payments and also list some of the things to look out for when searching for such a casino.

Casinos that Accept Bitcoin Payments

There are quite a few online casinos that accept Bitcoin payments nowadays. These casino are more or less like the regular online casinos you see. And nowadays there are a few mobile casinos as well where you can make payments using Bitcoins.

There are some notable differences when you play for real money in Bitcoins.

  • Players from any country can play at a casino that accepts Bitcoins because of the anonymity that Bitcoins provide.
  • Transaction fees are zero or very minimal when you play at a casino using Bitcoins.
  • This is because Bitcoins are not regulated or controlled by any government or financial institution.
  • This takes away the transaction or processing fees that third party payment vendors or banks charge for using them. There is usually a fee involved usually when you purchase Bitcoins through credit card. But that fee does not reflect in the transactions at the online casino.
  • Many casinos offer special bonuses to players using Bitcoins to make payments.
  • Some of the Bitcoin casinos around offer extra games to players who pay in Bitcoins as incentive. These games are not generally available to players who pay using the standard currencies.

How to Deposit at Casinos that Accept Bitcoin Payments

Casinos that accept Bitcoin payments are like any other regular online casino. The only difference is that they allow players to make payments using Bitcoins. Here is how you do it.

  • Open an account with a Bitcoin wallet. This is the first thing you need to do to be able to make payments at an online casino in Bitcoins.
  • Purchase Bitcoins to fund your Bitcoin wallet. You can do this at a Bitcoin exchange by purchasing Bitcoins from sellers, picking them up in exchange for products or services or procuring them through a process called mining.
  • Once you have signed up with and funded your Bitcoin wallet, locate a casino that accepts payments in Bitcoins.
  • Register an account with the online casino providing all the required details.
  • Click on the banking or cashier section and choose Bitcoins as the preferred mode of payment.
  • Enter the amount of Bitcoins you want to transfer to your casino account in the space provided.
  • Follow the directions that appear on screen and finally click the Submit button.
  • The money gets transferred immediately into your casino account.

Choosing a Casino that Accepts Bitcoin Payments: What You Should Know

Here are a few generic things you should keep an eye out for when choosing a casino that accepts Bitcoin payments.

  • Credibility and brand: Ensure that the casino you are playing for is credible. Only the fact that it accepts Bitcoins is not enough; you have to ensure it is properly licensed and audited.
  • Security: The casino has to have adequate layers of security to protect your personal information. Bitcoin transactions guarantee security, make sure the casino does too.
  • Software: It is always good to be able to play at a Bitcoin casino that uses good software to power its games. Good software is one of the pillars of a good casino experience.